Call Your Mechanic is made up of a network of experienced mobile mechanics. Every mechanic that applies to join the network must undergo a thorough screening process which includes their background checks, criminal checks, skill test and their certifications. We also perform one-on-one interview with the mechanics before approval is given to qualified ones to join the network.

As a customer, be rest assured that most of our mechanics are experienced and well trained in the respective brands they specialize on. Most of them also have dealer or factory experience. Your service agreement such as warranty policy is with CALL YOUR MECHANIC and not with the individual mechanic that fixes your vehicle. We only allow mechanics that are specialist on the brand of your car to work on it. Call Your Mechanic supplies the parts needed to fix your vehicle while mechanics only carry out the work.

Are you an automotive mechanic with experience, and industry certifications? APPLY HERE to join the network of our experienced mobile mechanics. We take only 30% commission of labour charge on any job you perform through our platform.