1. Get a quote or repair estimate.

We give you free and instant quote. Upon request, we produce the quote and immediately forward to your email.

2. Make full payment for periodic maintenance or 50% deposit for other repairs.

 For routine maintenance, you will have to make full payment before we send a mechanic to carry out the work. For other repairs, 50% down payment of the estimated amount is required. This is to ensure that our mechanics get paid. In the case of repairs, after visual inspection by our mechanic,  only deteriorated parts would be replaced. In case of additional repair which is not captured in the estimate, work would be done only on your approval. The bill will then be readjusted accordingly.

3. Book appointment with evidence of payment.

After payment, you can then book appointment through any of our links. Appointment can be rescheduled but cannot be cancelled without fee, after three hours of booking. Any appointment cancelled after three hours would attract 10% cancellation fee on the down-payment.

4. We send a  mechanic to carry out the work.

After confirmation of your booking, we send a mechanic to do the work.

5.We issue the repair invoice.

Our mechanic will test the vehicle with you and immediately send the invoice to you via email while on your premises.